Wireless temperature measuring device TFUNK

The system TFUNK was developed for the use in vacuum coating chambers in the optical industry.

It is possible to measure the temperature of three differen thermocouples (TypK). The system collects the data and transmitts them wireless to a base station outside the coating chamber.

This station is connected over USB or Ethernet to a PC or to the network.

Test glass changer

The test glass changer will improve the performance and the usable range of your optical monitoring system (OMS). This will help you to enhance the precision of your coating process.

Multi functional calottes

A totally new series of products from sigma-physik, right now in the final tests before release. Calotte segments with something special!

Stress measurement systems

Especially in measuring the mechanical stress in thin films we deliver different solutions developed for the tasks in the optical coating industry. Our products can easily measure the stress inside a thin film already during (in-situ) and after (ex-situ) the coating process. Also, the temperature dependence of the stress in the film can be analyzed up to temperatures of 400°C and more.


The service that we offer you is to rent one of our measurement systems for a certain time period. The easiest and most uncomplicated way for you is just sending your coated samples. Then we measure the stress or thermal coefficient of expansion of your thin films for you.