In-situ stress measurement system SIG-2000SP

Field of applikation

The stress measurement system SIG-2000SP is optimized to measure the stress in-situ in thin films already during their deposition onto a reference substrate. It is applicable in nearly all kind of "box-coaters" where the system is mounted outside the vacuum chamber leading the two laser beams through a window.
On the substrate holder (i.e. the calotte or the planetary system) a reference sample is mounted inside a special sample holder. This allows to scan the sample and determine the actual bending in every turn. This system is very helpful in developing new film systems, because a set of parameters, e.g. different bias voltages can be applied during only one deposition run while the experimenter studies the actual influence of the forming stress.

The principle:

Schematic SIG-2000SP

Technical data:

Resolution limit: Better than +-30MPa at a 150µm Si substrate with a 100nm film (at rpm of aprox. 60 per min.)
Substrates: Nearly all materials, one side at least 3% reflectivity,
typical thickness from 100µm to 1000µm
Sample holder: Available for any substrate sizes smaller than 30mm x 30mm.
Detector: CCD line detector, optional high-speed
Laser / Optic: 650nm diode laser module. Other wavelengths available.
Beam splitter produces two beams with a separation of 10mm.
Size: 12cm x 12cm x 25cm
Weight: 6kg
Software: Special Software with data export to e.g. ".csv"-files. The complete history of measurements is saved in a clear structured database.
Mounting: To connect the system to the coating system, flanges and adapters are provided by sigma-physik

Example measurement:

Graphic example measurement