Ex-situ stress measurement system SIG-500SP with furnace
SIG-500SP Furnace

Field of application

The stress measurement system SIG-500SP is optimized to measure the stress ex-situ in thin films deposited on reference substrates. It is very easy and quick to use and can be installed in every clean-room, e.g. just next to the deposition system. So it is possible to measure samples from every coating charge. Therefore the system improves the quality control and accelerates film development processes.

With the furnace upgrade the device is able to measure the stress in the substrate-film-system when the temperature changes. Normally, in the case of different coefficients of thermal expansion of the substrate and the film, the sample will bend due to the "bimetal"-effect. Furthermore one can even very easy determine two very important parameters of the film:
The Young's Modulus (E) and the coefficient of thermal expansion (a).

The principle:

Schema SIG-500SP w/ furnace

Technical data:

Furnace: Halogen furnace (600W) Tmax up to 600°C
Substrates: Nearly all materials.
One mirrored side with a reflectivity of at least 3%.
Typical thicknesses range from 100 microns to 1000 microns.
Sample holder: The sample holder of the SIG-500SP is replaced by an optical extension.
The sample is mounted inside the furnace on top of three glass rods.
Laser / Optic: The standard optic is extended by a special deflection unit.
Size: 30cm x 25cm x 50cm
Weight: 7kg
Software: The furnace is controlled through a special module within the standard measurement software of the SIG-500SP.

Software screenshot:

Software screenshot

Example measurement:

Graphic example measurement