Our services for you

We measure your stress!

To be convinced of the capabilities of our measurement systems or to get easy, fast and precise results according to your requirements, we offer to measure your samples for you.

We will measure for you:

  • the thin film stress in your samples
  • the thermal stress behavior
  • the coefficient of thermal expansion
  • measurements under protective gas and vacuum conditions possible

You only have to order a set of preanalyzed samples, coat them and return them to us. Using our technical equipment we measure the mentioned physical properties and present you the results electronically in a very short time.


Single order: One sample holder with three samples chosen by the customer
Monthly order: The customer receives one or more sample holders monthly.
Weekly order: The customer receives one or more sample holders weekly.
R&D order: The customer receives a bulk of 10 or more sample holders and sends them back as needed. Measurement results are available within 24 hours after sigma-physik receives the samples.
Substrates: Nearly all materials.
One mirrored side with a reflectivity of at least 3%.
Typical thicknesses range from 100 microns to 1000 microns.