Test glass changer TGW-100SP
Testglaswechsler TGW-100SP

Electronic module


The electronic module of the MSC consist of aluminum and contains the electronic, the radio transmitter and the powersupply of the system.

The housing is vacuum tight, but can easily be opend to change the batteries.

The temperature of the electronic inside should not be above 90°C to avoid destruction of the batteries or electronic components. To be used at temperatures of 200°C a special thermal insulation is needed (here)

Remote control

4fach Probentraeger

The remote control allows the user to open or close a certain shutter, or - in the case of the test glass changer - to change between different test glasses. But also the MSC or the TGC can be parameterized.

At any time the remote control gives a state of the electronic module inside the vacuum chamber. These data consist i.e. of the actual temperature and the actual battery voltages.

Customized test glass holder

8fach Probentraeger 4fach Probentraeger

Thermal insulation

T-Isolation offen T-Isolation geschlossen

To use the system at high temperatures up to 200°C this insulation has to be used.

This "onion" like construction is shielding the infrared radiation in the vacuum and minimizes the heating of the electronic inside. Therfore the system can be used for several hours at calotte temperatures up to 200°C.

The components of this setup are made of aluminum an can be delivered polished or gold coated. The efficeny of the insulation depends on the kind of the applied heating and used heating power.

CAD design and production of calotte segments

Each calottes is an individual device and optimal designed to the customers wishes!
CAD_Kalotte mit TGW CAD_Kalotte

Independently from test glass changers and multi shutter calottes we offer you to design, construct and manufacture each type of calotte for your coating machines.

Dont't hesitate to contact us for further information.

Technical details